ABEL RECON expands its infrastructure rehabilitation service offerings in Ohio

JANUARY 2013: Hap Witmer, General Manager of ABEL RECON, part of the Abel Companies of Mountville, Pennsylvania announced the formal expansion of its infrastructure rehabilitation services firm into Ohio. ABEL RECON will provide structural rehabilitation services to Ohio municipalities, DOT agencies, utilities and industrial firms as licensed applicators of Sprayroq, spray-applied polyurethane liners  and Reline America, UV Cured-In-Place-Pipeline products.

"As budgets get increasingly tighter, municipalities and various agencies are looking for more cost-effective means to deal with their aging infrastructure. They are becoming more and more open to trying innovative trenchless technology methods to solve their problems. With the great success we've had installing spray-applied polyurethanes and CIPP for our clients in the Mid Atlantic Region we knew that our experience could be of great benefit to other nearby regions who are experiencing the burdens of fixing their assets but needing to do so in a highly efficient and minimally disruptive manner," says Witmer.

Asset owners of various water and wastewater infrastructure in Ohio will now be able to access some of the latest trenchless technology solutions that can provide up to a 50 year asset life extension, save time, money, disruption to the community and deliver an exceptional return on investment.

"The Blue-Tek system they utilize requires a minimal amount of equipment so there's significantly less impact to the community. But one of the biggest benefits to ABEL RECON's CIPP technology is that the liner is made ready at the factory to spec and during the installation we have the ability to view the pipe rehabilitation before it cures. This helps insure a successful installation and the best possible outcome for our projects," shares Kevin Penoza, Civil Engineer II, New Castle County, Delaware, Department of Special Services.


Since its expansion, ABEL RECON has performed manhole and filter tank rehabilitation for Earnhardt Hill, Ohio to resolve extreme hydrogren sulfide deterioration and erosion common to wastewater structures by utilizing Spraywall by Sprayroq, a structural polyurethane. They have demonstrated the Reline America UV CIPP technology for the City of Akron, Ohio, installing a 8" diameter liner in a VCP mainline that had structural defects. A culvert project near Alvada, Ohio, for the DOT enabled ABEL RECON to showcase a “green” solution with Sprayroq's Sprayshield Green II, a bio-based spray-applied polyurethane. The purpose of this installation was to provide a protective corrosion barrier to two, 90 foot long, 13' wide by 8' tall sheet plate culvert that are located underneath Ohio Route 23. Projects like this are just a small sampling of the firm's extensive experience in trenchless rehabilitation.


Additional information about ABEL RECON, its products and services, is available by contacting Pat Godwin, Business Development Manager 412-526-3977 or 717-285-3103.