Swatara Township

swatarra30" Interceptor Lining, Harrisburg, PA

In an ongoing effort to complete the Inflow and Infiltration rehabilitation of its entire sanitary sewer collections system, Swatara Township Sewer Authority has been relining sections of its system in phases over several years. A 30” diameter trunk line known as the Beaver Creek Interceptor carries all sanitary sewer flow from two neighboring Harrisburg area communities on its final stretch of delivery to the sewerage treatment plant. This aging large diameter high capacity, Interceptor that was reaching the end of its natural life span is once again sealed water tight and structurally renewed with a Blue-Tek UV light cured-in-place liner. The Blue-Tek liner is a glass reinforced resin composite pipe that Abel Recon’s crews inserted inside the existing pipe, expanded with air pressure and hardened with a high tech UV Light Train. A new structural pipe within a pipe, the Blue-Tek liner with a fifty plus year design life now exists to service the many residents of this Harrisburg suburb for generations to come.